The Alphorn Academy of Switzerland in a few words….

What is the AAS?

The Alphorn Academy of Switzerland (AAS) was founded in 1998 by Francis SCHERLY and Jozsef MOLNAR.

Francis SCHERLY et Jozsef MOLNAR

Francis SCHERLY and Jozsef MOLNAR in springtime 1998 at SURVAL, Montreux: Conference on the summit for the future Alphorn-Academy, … a misty vision? Not at all! more than 20 years later the Academy glides on a cloud…

Since the 16th September 2000, the AAS is an association conforming to Article n°60, of the Swiss civil code. The site is in Montreux, Switzerland.

The aims of the association are as follows:

  • To introduce, encourage and promote the interest in this legendary instrument, the alphorn.
  • To arouse this interest not only in Switzerland but also throughout the world.
  • To organise courses.
  • To arrange Alphorn events and concerts.
  • To create an apreciation of and eventual passion for the Alphorn as a way of life and a channel of friendship

The AAS is also a music workshop for alphorn players (beginners and advanced alike), combining culture and plain fun in a particularly friendly atmosphere. It gives you the chance to spend a working holiday – either in Montreux on Lake Geneva or in Charmey learning how to play this engaging and deeply symbolic instrument, or how to play it better.

Musicial tourists or tourist musicians from all over the world come here to improve their alphorn playing technique in a weeklong intensive course. In doing so, they also discover the charms of Western Switzerland and make lifelong friends among countless nationalities. Here at the AAS, your happiness is our business – in more than one sense: We’ll welcome you like in the pioneering days of Swiss tourism, offering quality, human warmth and enthusiasm in a favoured environment of outstanding scenic beauty. Not to mention the absolutely extraordinary value for money!

The Academy has participated in many events that are to found in the photo gallery.

Alphorn Academy of Switzerland Committee

Committee 2016/2017

Comité 2017 AASJacques FRITZ, président
Beat BURKHARDT, vice-président “administration”
Henri DELAFONTAINE, vice-président “musique”
Virginie GIROD-CARRARD, secrétaire et internet
Peter MESSERLI, trésorier
Aude GENTON, administration
Patrice KOLLY, matériel et équipements
Francis SCHERLY, missions spéciales


Our Honorary members

Francis Scherly , honorary president
Denis Ecuyer, honorary member
Peter Messerli, honorary member
Jozsef Molnar, honorary member
Urs-Roland Wüthrich, honorary member

Charter of the Swiss Alphorn Academy
“Alphorn Academy of Switzerland”


The present Charter is the base which governs the organization and the operation of the Swiss Alphorn Academy, named hereafter “AAS”.

It is the reference for all activities deployed in favor of the promotion of the Alphorn music, in the spirit of the Academy.

The members adhere to it without reserve.

Identity and spirit

The AAS is an association according Article 60 of the Swiss civil code.

  • To practice the Alphorn in a good mood, in an atmosphere of confidence, respect and friendship.
  • The improvement of the musical level of the active members by setting up courses on different levels. The better players help and encourage those which control the instrument less well.
  • The pride to belong to a group of persons seeking to improve their level, sharing at the same time their friendship with other members.
  • Each member contributes to the maintenance of the spirit of the AAS while engaging personally in the assiduous practice of the instrument and to participate in the regularly scheduled repetition sessions and events of the Academy.


The Academy aims more specifically to:

  • To train Musicians to reach the highest possible level of musical competence in order to play with the “Grand Ensemble”.
  • To make the Alphorn known – especially to youth – at the national and international level by active communication via the internet.
  • To set up residential courses for its members and on demand for future members of the Academy.
  • To create and organize events promoting the Alphorn in Switzerland and abroad in order to develop contacts around the world.


The Alphorn is an instrument which is practiced above all in nature. The members of the AAS respect the environment as there is a cultural alliance between Alphorn players and the landscape.


The committee and the members of the AAS are responsible for its perenniality by supervising the harmonious development and the execution of its activities.

How to become a member of the Alphorn Academy of Switzerland ?

Please download the membership request form here below :
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